BR MANAGEMENT: A successful enterprise sustains every situation and excels in performance because it is backed by competent professionals working passionately together. BR is proud of its team relentlessly delivery quality projects showcasing storng technical expertise and systematic methodologies. At BR the core management team consists of engineers, architects and MBA's from premier institutes around the globe with expoure and experiebce in wide variety of projects. BR group comapnies are prominent names in the construction world with innumerable projects to take pride on.

A form of construction management performed in a defined relationship between the CM and Owner. The agency form of construction management establishes a specific role of the CM acting as the Owner's principal agent in connection with the project/program. Contracts with the building contractors are typically held directly with the Owner. The CM may or may not be allowed to bid on portions of the work. This is the most commonly used type of CM services used by Public Owners. Some state and federal agencies will only recognize this type of contractual relationship.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AT RISK. This is similar to Professional Agency Construction Management in that the Construction Manager provides a full range of CM services to the Owner. The major difference is that the CM generally holds the construction contracts and assumes the risks and obligations of a General Contractor. Additionally, the CM may elect to perform some of the work with their own forces. This is similar to General Contracting in that the Owner may have only one contract with the CM for all of the construction trades. This type of project delivery is most commonly used by semi-public and private Owners.

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